What is KoreanManufacturers?

It is an online marketplace that especially introduces top manufacturers in Korea.
KoreanManufactures.org also introduces economic and investment information to foreign buyer to promote Korean manufacturers through various marketing promotions.

 What is KoreanManufacturers?


- Holding a business meeting in overseas country
- Holding a buyer meeting in Korea that invites global buyers
- Supporting participation to the global exhibition
- Online promotion at ordinary time

Below are our specific services for visitors who are interested in Korean manufacturers.


Korean Manufacturers Directory

Expolorer top Korean manufacturers:

Koreanmanufacturers.org provides a grand base of manufacturers in Korea to advertise their products and services online. Visitors would check out news about products, company profiles and even exhibition participation from our registered companies.

Experience easy and quick inquiry system:

Koreanmanufacturers.org runs it's inquiry system that makes inquirers easy to make inquiries and get quick response for your convience.


On-line Business Matching

On-line registration to exhibition and trade meeting:

We, Koreanmanufacturers.org dispatches our manufacturers to global exhibition and potential countries every year.
If you interested our registered companies, you can register to meet them on line.
You would find the information about these event in our Media Center menu.

24 hours seller-buyer matching service:

We help you to find out your potential accounts.
If you couldn't search out suitable manufacturers, don't hesitate to contact us with your problems.
We are ready to give you answers in 24 hours.


Business information in Korea

Check updated economic and investment news in Korea at Koreanmanufacturers.org

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