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  • Electric Breast  Pump(SOO) - Angelpomp co.,Ltd

    Safety certification!

    SOO! Is an electric breast pump researched and developed for the health of mom and baby!!

    Is a best choice for mom and baby!

    Is a safe breast pump designed to automatically drain the milk that flows back into the pump!

    Is an excellent breast pump that enables simultaneous pumping on both sides

  • Electric Breast  Pump(PLORA5) - Angelpomp co.,Ltd

    2-in-1 System Breast Pump PLORA 5.

    Electric mode and manual pumping mode in one

    Rational spending to purchase a breast pump with electric/manual dual mode

    at a price that you would pay for a breast pump

  • Manual Breast  Pump(PLORA1) - Angelpomp co.,Ltd

    Intelligent manual breast pump PLORA1 has changed the standard of

    the manual breast pump!

    Intelligent breast pump which can be rotated left and right

  • PLORA Baby Bottle - Angelpomp co.,Ltd

    Type: PESU

    Color: : Orange, Yellow, Green


    PLORA air-tech baby bottles are made of polyester sulfone (PES)

    and is a safe product without environmental hormones.


    PLORA Eurostyle nano-silver PC baby bottle is designed

    in a wide style and available with 150,200,260,300,320mℓ,


    which is a product adopting the baby bottle made of

    the material made by adding nano-silver to polycarbonate

  • storage bag - Angelpomp co.,Ltd

    No matter how good dry milk is, it cannot be compared with breast milk filled with mom’s love.

    Recommend this to the mom who has difficulty to feed breast milk because of dual-income family situation or lack of breast milk mount.

  • About Us - Angelpomp co.,Ltd

    As a manufacturer of Baby Diapers, medical instruments,  our production plant is located

    in Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi Province, Korea.


    Since equipped with the latest production facilities, complying with GMP

    system according to the quality standards directed by the Ministry of

    Food and Drug Safety, our first priority is consumers safety and have

    producted the most safe and reliable products based on the validation of

    risk management that is associated with consumers safety.


    Also, we have developed Breast Feeding products, Breast Pump based on our exclusive technology, which has been patented, and

    currently produce high quality products that may improve consumers

    convenience as well as good performance.


    As a specialist in manufacturing of various Breast Feeding products,

    Such as Electric breast pump, Manual breast pump,

    Breast Feeding items, Baby Bottle, Juice Cup, Cleaning Brush, Laundry Soap

    for Baby Diaper, etc. we are doing utmost efforts in R&D activities as well

    as playing a leading role in this field as a comprehensive maker in Korea.


    And, We recently completed the development of a new electric breast pump. We introduce you to this wonderful product.

    Please refer to the attached product brochure and catalog.


    Aangelpomp co.,ltd will try our best efforts to render the best services to our

    customers, with a special brand of baby products, to satisfy all the needs

    of our patrons.


    Thank you.


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