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  • SRF1 - Samwoo Engineering

    Poultry feeder for broilers.

    1. Clean feed : Chicks don’t get inside feeders

    2. Easy cleaning: It can be 90 degrees rotated, and can be cleaned by simply shooting water.

    3. Faster Growth: Due to clean feed, chicks’ early stage growth is faster

  • Feeding system for poultry - Samwoo Engineering

    All kind of parts included – disk wire, disk chain, auger, driving unit, measuring container, feeding pan, etc. All made with strong, durable material in Korea.

    We have different sizes of each products. And always willing to hear customer’s needs.

  • Drinker system for poultry house - Samwoo Engineering

    Nipple drinkers with low/high flow rates.

    Different flow rates from 30ml~120ml/min

    No leakage no wetness. Can be applied for floor / slat houses.

  • Ventilation system - Samwoo Engineering

    Ventilation is crucial factor of livestock house’s climate control.

    Different kinds of animals need different climate conditions.

    We design suitable ventilation model and make best condition for given poultry/swine.

    All products made by SAMWOO.

  • About Us - Samwoo Engineering

    SAMWOO has been livestock house automation pioneer from South Korea for the last 30 years. We have been exporting to major markets in Asia, Europe, Russia. Our main products are feeding/drinking/ventilation system for poultry/swine/cattle houses.

    We do promise to our customers to develop products of high quality to produce superb and competitive products for livestock farms. SAMWOO will do utmost to grow together with customers in accordance with the philosophy that SAMWOO and customers are bound together by a common destiny.

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